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Offline Retailers Lose Busienss Daily And It Is Not Recorded Anywhere

Are you into business to make losses? But you offline retailers lose  a part of their business which is not recorded anywhere in the books of accounts.

The loss: People these days search almost everything on Google (eg. of what people search “Google Trends” ), be it a nearby restaurant or an additional information about the product they want to buy.  If you are an offline retailer without online presence, you lose out customers or inquiries of your local potential customers who either land on your competitors website or online retailers who fulfill their demand because you are not present online to serve your customers.

Why offline retailers need a website?: It is almost impossible to tell all your customers individually about credibility of your store. A website helps you to deliver right information about your store to customers which helps in building trust and loyality. If your customers see you socially active and read more about your store and products online he/she has more chances of coming back to your store instead of going to nearby competitor. (Top of the mind brand recall)

Having a website name in your business card sometimes helps in selling better too :)

For business units/B2B:

If you are in a distributor or an agency of products, your clients like online/offline retailers search for your contact details on Google to buy your product or services. If you do not have a website, this is a direct loss to your business.

It is recommended to get your business website developed considering the growing  impact of internet over your business. Once you depelop your local store website don’t forget getting the basic SEO done for your site so that you are found when your potential local customet is searching for you on Google and if your local searches are high you can even prefer doing Google PPC campaings. Happy selling!

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